Product Spotlight - Weekly Planner

Say hello to our Weekly Planner notepad!

Our Weekly Notepad is for anyone needing to look at their week at a glance. The left side is for day and time specific events during the course of a week. The right side is for errands and tasks that can be done on any day.

Our Weekly Planner is great for professionals who need an easy and simple way to organize their week.

These are great for stay-at-home or work-at-home parents who need to keep track of appointments, play dates and chores.

They are are also great for kiddos, especially those involved in sports and extra curricular activities. They can list out practices, games and events. It can also be used for school project planning and keeping up with their chores. 

We have some upcoming blog posts sharing all of the different ways you can utilize our Weekly Planner.

Our Weekly Planner is 5.5" x 8.5" and come with 60 sheets per notepad. 

The cost for each Weekly Planner is $10.00

The Weekly Planner will be available in our Shop on Friday, July 14 at 1pm (EST).

We are thrilled to offer you a way to Streamline & Simplify your week!

Jessie AnsleyComment