The ListBook is for...Moms

The ListBook

We created The ListBook™ because we needed it. We are owned and operated by two women who are best friends. We are also wives and mothers . As moms, we make a LOT of lists. Keeping track of those lists was a problem. 

Some were in a notebook in the kitchen, some were on post-it notes in the office, some were on the back of my child's latest artwork. While writing things down is a really great and effective way to get things done and be productive, having these notes on papers in a million different places was not. 

So, we took the notebook and we reinvented it. Say hello to The ListBook™.

We numbered the pages so now we know exactly which list is on which page. We added a catalog to the front so that we can easily index our lists and find them later. 

The ListBook™ is for everyone, but it is especially for moms. Because we know how amazing you are and how hard you work. You deserve an easy and functional way to organize your lists, notes, ideas and inspiration.

Here is a little glimpse at how moms can use The ListBook™...

The ListBook is for Moms
The ListBook™
The ListBook™
The ListBook™