3 Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids

Shopping with kids.

It can be done easily and without tears. We promise. 


We have three really helpful tips to help make this task a lot easier on everyone:

  1. Shop during snack time. Bring snacks, but don't let your kids have them until you are in the store. This keeps kids busy while you shop. When they are busy snacking, they are less likely to grab things off of shelves or ask to look at things not on your list (toys).

  2. Give your kids clear expectations BEFORE you shop. For example, "We are going to the grocery store this morning during snack time. You will get to have your snack while I shop. Today's trip is just for the groceries we need so we will not be looking at anything else. This afternoon we can bake your favorite muffins together since the ingredients we need are on our shopping list!"

  3. Shop with intention and efficiency. This means using a Shopping List. Preferably one of ours because then you would be shopping with a detailed list and by section of the store which means no more zig zagging back and forth all over the store to get what you need.

Be consistent and patient with this process and you will be set up for shopping success!

3 Tips for Grocery Shopping with Kids
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