5 Ways to Simplify Meal Planning

Simplify Meal Planning

1. On busy days schedule easy meals. Think tacos, breakfast for dinner or leftovers. 

2. List out your family faves to rotate. This ensures everyone in the family gets their favorite meal and it helps in times of meal planning slumps.

3. Write out and post your plan. We created our Meal Planners to help you better plan your meals and make your grocery shopping easier and more efficient. Our perforated Meal Planners are easily separated. Post your Menu side where everyone can see it. Added bonus: no more, "what's for dinner?"  when it's clearly posted. You can purchase our Meal Planners in our Shop. 

Detailed Meal Planner

4. Prep ahead of time. Take time out on Sunday to prep your meals for the week. Cut veggies. Write in your planner to pull out things from the freezer to thaw on the necessary days. Plan for leftovers or easy meals on particularly busy days. 

5. Use your crockpot. Load it up, turn it on and relax while the crockpot does the cooking for you!