Simple + Functional Family Command Centers

Streamlined and Simple Command Center

5 Tips for a Simple + Functional Family Command Center

  1. Only include what is truly necessary when setting up your Family Command Center. We suggest only two items:

    • A large wall calendar (dry erase or chalkboard) to display the current month

    • A cork board or magnet board

  2. Use the cork board or magnet board to keep paper print out calendars of the next few months. This allows you to log important future dates to transfer to the large wall calendar when it's time. This is where you would put info regarding school, work, sports and activities. Don't forget to include birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments, etc.

  3. Only use the Family Command Center to display items that affect more than one person. If an event only affects you, utilize a personal planner, like our Weekly Planner. This keeps the Family Command Center from becoming overwhelming and difficult to read or follow.

  4. Post your Menu on your cork board or magnet board. We suggest using one of our Meal Planners. Having your Menu clearly posted will save you from having to endlessly answer the question: "What's for dinner??"

  5. Display your Family Command Center in a location where it will be seen easily and often. The kitchen or mud room are good choices.

Use these tips to create and manage a functional, streamlined and simple Family Command Center. 

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Family Command Center
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