Meet Jessie


Hi Friends!

Jessie here. The gal behind the brand of Streamlined & Simple. I wanted to take a little time to introduce myself, share my heart for the brand and let you know 5 fun facts about me!

If you're new here, welcome! My name is Jessie Ansley and I created Streamlined & Simple back in September 2016. You can read more about the business itself here.  

Family & Career(s)

I am a Coast Guard wife and a momma of two sons:


Prior to Streamlined & Simple, I had a myriad of other occupations. My jobs ranged from gymnastics/cheerleading coach, to account executive at a marketing, advertising and public relations firm to grad school student and finally a special education teacher.

In 2010, I took on quite possibly the best (and most challenging) role as a stay at home momma. Eventually I added homeschool teacher to my resume.

And finally in September 2016, I followed my heart and began Streamlined & Simple during a time when my life could be described as "crazy & chaotic." In fact, my hubby often jokes that I should have named the business that instead. 

The Heart Behind the Brand

Why Streamlined & Simple?

Because I was a very overwhelmed stay-at-home wife, DIY home renovator and homeschooling mom of 2 young sons. My life felt very busy and intense. I knew I wasn't the only one feeling overwhelmed by my schedule and home management. 

I had created some tools that allowed me to easily and efficiently handle some of the home management so that I had more time for our home renovations, spending time with my husband and field tripping with my kiddos. 


I love nothing more than sharing ideas and giving tips on simplifying, decluttering and organizing. Give me a cup of coffee and I could chat for HOURS about this stuff. 

I had an idea to create a stationery line of products that are FUNCTIONAL...meaning stationery that actually works well and is easy to use.

I wanted to start a blog. I craved having a space to publish content where I could share ideas, inspiration and tips. 

The blog would supply inspiration, tips and ideas for systems + routines and home organization. The products would make home management and planning easier to do handle. 

So I took the leap:


 5 Fun Facts

1 - I have moved 24 times and lived in 6 different states in my 35 years of life. All that moving created a love for home design.  I love designing my home to be functionally minimal ( I will be sharing more about this on the blog!).

2 - My favorite TV show is Gilmore Girls and I constantly watch them season by season, all the way through. Copper Boom!

3 - I love to spontaneously cartwheel and do handstands. 

4 - I am a Crossfit newbie and I love it. We do handstands as part of our workouts so how could I not?!

5 - I am obsessed with the Enneagram. If you're curious, I am a 1(wing 2). One's are referred to as The Perfectionist or The Improver/Reformer.

BONUS: Part of the reason I think Crossfit is so good for me is that I am pushed to failure. I have to fail to figure out my max lifting weight. And not only do I have to fail, I have to fail twice. If you know anything about Enneagram 1's, you know that failure is particularly difficult for us. By pushing myself out of my comfort zone, real growth and change can happen. 

Meet Jessie Ansley