Password Tracking

Hi friends! Today, we are talking about password tracking. A couple problems come into play with passwords.

  1. Different websites have different password requirements.

    • Some require a certain length.

    • Some require an upper and a lower case letter.

    • Some want a bit of everything: upper case letter, lower case letter, symbol AND number.

  2. It's hard to remember different passwords for different accounts.

We have an easy solution. Our FREE printable Password Tracker.

Click HERE to download our FREE Password Tracker.

Before you print this off and begin using, we have a few VERY helpful tips to keep your passwords extra safe:

  1. Give every account a different password. The reason being is that the username on all of your accounts is most likely your email address. If someone gets a hold of your password and you have the same username and password for every account, you just gave them access to EVERYTHING.

  2. On your Password Tracker free printable, do NOT actually write out your username. Just reference the email account you use. This protects you in the event someone gets a hold of your printed password tracker. Unless they know what your exact username is, those passwords are useless. See below for example.

There you have it. Password tracking.....made Streamlined & Simple.

Password Tracking