Product Spotlight - Meal Planners

Say hello to our innovative and easy-to-use Meal Planners!

Each meal planner comes on a notepad with 60 sheets. We did this intentionally to get you through an entire year...with a few extra just in case. 

The feature we love the most about our Meal Planners is that they are perforated down the center line. Make your Menu on the left while writing in the ingredients you need to buy on the Shopping List on the right. Then simply separate the sides on the perforation line. The Menu goes on your fridge or a bulletin board (no more having to answer what's for dinner!). The Shopping List goes with you to the store. 

We have two versions of our Meal Planner:

  • Detailed Version

  • Blank Version

The detailed version is great for those who like to shop for groceries quickly and efficiently. It's also great for mommas of littles because we have you grocery shopping by section so you can get in and out before any temper tantrums ensue. 

The blank version is great for those who need to shop at more than one store. Or for those who meal plan mid-week versus on the weekend. 


  • 8.5" x 11"

  • Each Meal Planner contains 60 sheets

  • Chipboard backing

  • High quality, 70# paper

  • Center line is perforated for easy separation

  • Proudly designed and produced in the USA!

The cost for each Meal Planner is $18.00 (that's only 30 cents per week!). You can purchase Meal Planners in our Shop! It is also included in our Notepad Bundle and All The Things Bundle!

We are thrilled to offer you an innovative solution for making meal planning a little more Streamlined & Simple!

Product Spotlight: Meal Planners