Simplifying Your Linen Closet

We love tackling small spaces in the home because small space simplifying can have a BIG impact. 

Today we are giving you our tips and tricks for simplifying you linen closet. 

Linen Closet
Streamlined and Simple

Linen closets typically house the following items:

  • Bed sheets

  • Towels

  • Beach towels

  • Blankets

  • Toiletries

Streamlined and Simple Organization

Giving specific recommendations is tough because everyone’s household is different. The number of people living in the home and how often laundry is done are big factors.

I am sharing below why I recommend based on what’s easy to maintain for our family of 4:

BED SHEETS: 2 sets for each bed in the home. One to use and one extra. Guest rooms only have one set.

TOWELS: We are going to break this down by use:

  1. Shower/bath towels: 2 per person in the home plus 4 for guests

  2. Hand towels: 2 per bathroom in the home

  3. Washcloths: 5 per user in the home

BEACH TOWELS: 1 per user in the home plus 2 for guests. Double this if you own a pool, live near a lake or beach or have kiddos on swim team. 

BLANKETS: 1 per bed and 1 per couch in the home.

TOILETRIES: We recommend using baskets or bins to store your toiletries. Try using one basket or bin for each person OR for each space (half bath, guest bath, master bath). 

What should you do with all of those extras you have? The answer depends on their condition: 

  1. If they are old and beat up, you can either trash them or repurpose them. You can repurpose old towels by using them for washing your car or household cleaning. You can repurpose old sheets by letting your kiddos build forts with them.

  2. If they are in good condition, donate them. You can drop off at your local Salvation Army or find a local shelter that helps families in need and drop them off there.

Simple Linen Closet

For storage, I always say keep what is used the least often on higher shelves. Commonly used items go at eye level or lower. So I recommend keeping sheets on the highest shelf, then working down, blankets, hand towels and washcloths, shower/bath towels, beach towels and toiletries (in bins or baskets).

Let's not forget the best part of simplifying your linen closet....less laundry! 

Simplify Your Linen Closet