Survival Chores: What They Are + Why You Need Them

Let's be honest, life can get complicated. We get sick, we have bad days, we wake up on the wrong side of the bed. 

These are the kind of days that can throw routines for a loop. But there is a simple solution: identify your survival chores.

Survival Chores

Survival chores are simply the bare minimum that you need to do in a day to function.

For me personally, survival chores include:

  1. Make my bed

  2. Empty/load/run the dishwasher

  3. Prep coffee for the next day

  4. Wipe down the kitchen counters.

If I do nothing else done that day, as long as the survival chores get done, I'm still winning at life and my routine won't suffer.

The laundry can wait, the toys can stay out of the toy bins, we can live in pajamas BUT if my survival chores get done, I don't feel like I've completely derailed my routine. 

I recommend making a list of your survival chores so that no matter what life throws at you, you can jump back into routines easily.