Meet Jessie Ansley

Jessie Ansley

Hi Friends!

I have a HUGE heart for teaching and I believe it to be calling. I absolutely love exploring and figuring out the best and most innovative ways to teach. My assignments under this calling have changed a lot over the years and have including the following:

Babysitting + Nannying

Gymnastics + Cheerleading Coach

College Student

Advertising Executive

Grad School Student

Public School Teacher

Stay-at-Home Mom

Homeschool Teacher

Home Renovator

I am currently working on entering back into teaching in the public school arena. I am incredibly excited about this for a million reasons, but mostly to have an additional area to share with you all!

Jessie’s Top 10 Favorite Things!

  1. My Hubby + Kiddos

  2. Hot Coffee (in giant coffee mugs) + Moscow Mules (in cute copper mugs)

  3. Gilmore Girls….Copper BOOM!

  4. Cartwheels!

  5. Stationery + Office Supply Stores

  6. Ocracoke, North Carolina

  7. Bookstores

  8. Journaling

  9. Visiting Lighthouses

  10. Reading in Hammocks