How It Works

We currently offer local and virtual services. Both options go through the following process:


    • We arrange for a meeting (a 30 minute free consultation) to discuss your needs and wants as well as clearly defining what we do.

  2. PLAN

    • Before any work begins, a personalized plan is formulated and laid out.

    • We meet to discuss the details, the time frame and the cost.

  3. D+O = Declutter + Organize

    • This is where the magic happens.

    • Local Clients

      • We declutter and downsize. It is an option for us to take care of hauling off donation items and/or unwanted items that need to be thrown away.

      • We then organize the space in the most functional way possible.

      • This is where we introduce and initiate systems + routines for easy upkeep.

    • Virtual Clients

      • We create a detailed plan with specific step-by-step instructions.

      • We also provide a list of suggested products based on measurements.

      • There is constant communication during the process to ensure your success!


    • We check in with you 6 months after the project is completed to ensure success!