Meet Jessie Ansley

Jessie Ansley

Hi Friends!

My name is Jessie Ansley.

I am a Coast Guard wife, mom of two sons and someone who believes in cartwheeling through life.

I am an enneagram 1. We are called improvers, reformers and perfectionists. What this means to me is that I simply love to leave the world around me a little better than I found it.

I believe your environment plays a HUGE role in your emotional, mental and physical health so I am very mindful of how I design the spaces that I live and work in. This absolutely includes my online environments.

Streamlined & Simple is my little corner of the world where I share all the things that light my soul on fire.

I am so glad you are here! Let’s be friends!

Jessie Ansley

Jessie’s Top 10 Favorite Things!

  1. My Hubby + Kiddos

  2. Hot Coffee (in giant coffee mugs) + Moscow Mules (in cute copper mugs)

  3. Gilmore Girls….Copper BOOM!

  4. Cartwheels!

  5. Functional Design

  6. Ocracoke, North Carolina

  7. Bookstores

  8. Journaling

  9. Fresh Flowers in Mason Jars

  10. Reading in Hammocks