Meet Jessie Ansley


Hi Friends!

My name is Jessie Ansley. I am a Coast Guard wife, mom of two sons and someone who believes in cartwheeling through life. See below for proof!

Streamlined & Simple is more than just my little corner of the internet. It is a lifestyle and I embrace it in every area of my life: marriage, parenting, friendship, community, education, home management and home design.

In a world that often feels crazy + chaotic, nothing sounds better to me than Streamlined + Simple.

My goal in life is to simply leave the world around me a little better than I found it.

Welcome, friend. I am so glad you are here!

Jessie Ansley

Jessie’s Top 10 Favorite Things!

  1. My Hubby + Kiddos

  2. Hot Coffee (in giant coffee mugs) + Moscow Mules (in cute copper mugs)

  3. Gilmore Girls….Copper BOOM!

  4. Cartwheels!

  5. Functional Design

  6. Ocracoke, North Carolina

  7. Bookstores

  8. Journaling

  9. Fresh Flowers in Mason Jars

  10. Reading in Hammocks