Detailed Meal Planner

Detailed Meal Planner

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Our Detailed Meal Planners are innovative and easy to use. The left side is your Menu for the week. The right side is your Shopping List.

Our Shopping List side allows you to put your grocery items in the proper location to make shopping more efficient. No more zig-zagging around the store!

Each page on our Meal Planner is perforated down the center line to allow you to easily separate the Menu from the Shopping List. Display your Menu on the fridge or bulletin board. Take the Shopping List with you to the store.

Meal Planning......made Streamlined & Simple!


  • 8.5" x 11"

  • Each Meal Planner contains 60 sheets

  • Chipboard backing

  • High quality, 70# paper

  • Center line is perforated for easy separation

  • Proudly designed and produced in the USA!

You have the option to add magnets to the back of your Meal Planner by clicking HERE.

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